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Electric Bike Raffle to Benefit San Juan Education Foundation 500 tickets, $10 each 09.23.2017 18:30 1 Day Electric Bike Raffle to Benefit San Juan Education Foundation 500 tickets, $10 each

Nihola Family

Kathleen was searching for a cargo bike to help her get around town with her two children. She wanted something that she could easily carry them in. When she saw the Nihola 4.0, she knew she found the perfect bike. She could take them to school, shop, and even encourage her to start riding again. So we loaded up the children snapped a picture and they were off.

Happy Fathers Day!

Clemence was searching for the perfect gift for her husband. He has been wanting a Nihola cargo bike for some time now. He loves the bikes, the practicality, and the money they can save. He wants to use the bike for every and anything possible, even taking around their two children. When they stopped by our store they fell in love with the Nihola 4.0 and even drove it out that day. Happy Fathers Day!

Mundo Lux

Arlete has to be the coolest grandma ever! Arelte came into Practical Cycle from Davis looking for a cargo bike so she can take her grankids out on when they come to visit. She came in a few times to take our Yuba Mundo out for a test spin, and also to get some practice. She took to the bike like a pro and very soon came back to purchase our green Yuba Lux from our floor. With integrated lights and disc brakes, we forsee a lot of evening rides as the sun sets.

Bikes, Not Cars!

Heather, like most young families these days, is interested in alternative forms of transportation. A mother of two, she was looking for a bike that would help take her daughters to and from school and run errands around town. She had been in a few times and has taken our 21 speed Yuba Mundo out on test rides. After some time she decided to pull the trigger and purchase the bike. We are sure there will be many summer evening rides.

Kid Tested, Mother Approved

Jennifer and her husband were looking for a good cargo bike so that she can take the kids to and from school with. They also wanted one that was able of towing and lugging cargo around. They had seen other XtraCycles around and knew thats what they wanted. After a few loops around Old Sacramento they were sold on the EdgeRunner in orange. Even her two boys approved. We are sure they will be having fun riding on their new bike.

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