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Lori Brentt on her Red Pedego Stretch electric cargo bike
Lori Brentt on her Red Pedego Stretch electric cargo bike

There are so many good things to say about my Pedego Stretch electric bike, and how much I love having the bike. It has truly been a blessing in our life and has been a source of fun and an extra vehicle. It provides fitness and bonding time for me and my daughter and has saved us time and money.

I purchased the Pedego stretch cargo which allows me to transport my daughter on the back in a safe and convenient manner. It has a great pedestal for the feet and handrails that support her and also provide a bit of safety barrier around her. We use our Pedego in so many ways. It has saved me time and money and getting my daughter to and from school. When I take the car it takes 10 to 15 minutes to get her to school and I have to drive there in a round about manner because there’s not a direct route, and then I have to wait in line to drop her off at the curb. However with the Pedego I can go a more direct route that is quiet roads, take her right to the front to drop her off and I don’t have to wait in line. It takes me 5 minutes versus the 10-15 in the car!

I also use my Pedego for shopping. I have two baskets and can also store extra things on the stretch portion of the bike. I am able to fit three full bags of groceries on the bike along with my daughter. I get to park up front and also save money on gas which is getting more and more expensive these days.

And then there is the fun factor. It is so much better to ride around on the bike to go places than to sit in the car in the traffic. I scoot by all the cars that are waiting at the lights and go right to the front. Also there are such great trails in Folsom you can get anywhere you want to go and the bike paths are well marked and well groomed. Also there is the American River bike trail which is truly beautiful and can only be enjoyed while riding on a bike. I can get all the way from Folsom to downtown Sacramento. I can commute to my work and enjoy the ride versus sit in the ridiculous traffic which takes just as long on the highway.

As an added bonus I get to lose weight and get more fit. The E bike concept is awesome because I have injuries to my knees from being in the military. With the assist I can control how much I want to and need to work and if for some reason I am tired I can go full throttle assist and don’t even have to pedal. But I have been using it for fitness and have gotten stronger and more lean all the while I am getting shopping done and errands run and dropping my daughter off at her activities and school.

The wide range of colors Pedego offers are wonderful. I chose the bright red sparkly version of the cargo stretch which also ensures that other people see me out on the roads. With the Pedego I am able to bike again where with the regular bike I was not able to ride for a very long time because of my knees but now I am getting stronger and more fit and more capable.

There is a huge community of bikers in Folsom and we get to meet new friends and acquaintances, it is a friendly crew out there on the roads and we stick together. If you see us out on the roads say hi and also be aware of other bikers out there. We need more bikers out on the road!

Join the revolution with the e-bikes it really is a game changer. We are supporting our environment by getting out of our cars, we are having more fun, we are saving time and money, we are getting more fit and my daughter and I are bonding during our rides and she loves riding with me. It’s the best addition to our lives and really is our other vehicle. Come join us!