A Nihola for Patty and Her Dog

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Practical Cycle is pleased to introduce a new product to our lineup- Nihola Cargo Tricycles.  We are even more pleased to already be introducing you to our first Nihola customer!  Literally one day after our demo trike was delivered, Patty came all the way from San Rafael looking for a practical way to take her dog, Kenny, to work with her (for protection) without firing up an automobile.  After a test ride with Kenny on board, she quickly realized that the Nihola was a perfect fit for them.  Patty told us this had been on her “bucket list” for years, and after trying everything from a Zigo Child Carrier to a Dutch Bakfiet without success, she loves everything about the Nihola!

The Nihola is the ideal transportation choice for families.  There is plenty of room for kids, groceries, and even Patty’s dog!  It handles like a dream, with easy and predictable steering that is independent of the frame.  And safety comes first with a steel-frame cabin that surrounds and protects your kids (or pets). The Nihola is proudly produced under fair working conditions in environmentally friendly Danish and German factories.