Taking our Brompton folding bike to Hawaii and beyond

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“My wife and I decided to vacation in Hawaii and while there we planned on renting bikes. When I came across the Brompton I thought ‘Why rent when we can buy folding bikes and travel everywhere with them’? So I did a little research and decided to step into Practical Cycle where they made all my folding bike dreams come true. I am big into Fixie riding so I wanted a Brompton that had a similar feel. Grant helped to fit me with the Brompton Raw Lacquer 2 Speed S-type Handlebar with an Extended Seatpost. The extended seatpost is perfect because it allows me to sit up higher on the bike. In order to stay with the Fixie style, Grant recommended that I do a 2 speed: 1 speed for hills and 1 for casual riding. My wife will be coming in soon to look at a Brompton folding bike as well! Thanks so much Practical Cycle for helping us on our travel journey.” -Kevin