Sac State is Going Low Tech to Support High Tech Equipment

Cargo Bike Stories

Information Resources and Technology, which supports the University’s computers and information networks, recently purchased two [Worksman Mover] tricycles [from Practical Cycle] for technicians to use. They feature lockable waterproof storage bins that can transport up to three computers and monitors.

“It not only allows us to respond quickly and efficiently, it allows us to be more green,” says Andy Schloss, director of hardware and software support.

The tricycles are the brainchild of technician Rick Sterner. “They initially laughed, but eventually they began to think it was a good idea.”

At $1,200 each, the bikes are a cheap option to the $11,000 electric vehicles already in use. And they are a hit with the staff. “Most technicians can’t wait to take it out on a call,” says Schloss.