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Hello, I’m Cassidy with Practical Cycle and today I’m gonna talk to you about the Pedego City Commuter, and I’ll show you all the reasons it has quickly become America’s best selling electric bike.

The first thing that stands out about the City Commuter is how useful it is. It comes fully equipped with all the practical features you need for everyday riding. And that includes: front and rear lights that are powered by the main battery, a big, strong rack that’s built right into the frame, Metal fenders with mud flaps, a full coverage chain guard, a sturdy double kickstand, kevlar belted Schwalbe tires with self sealing slime tubes for flat protection, and there’s even a bell built right into the brake lever!

The City Commuter is just as comfortable as it is practical. It comes with a big, soft seat with a suspension seat post, matching leather stitched handgrips, and balloon tires for a nice smooth ride. It also has this really cool two-way adjustable handlebar stem, so you can dial it in just right.

But what really sets the City Commuter apart is it’s unmatched performance. It’s an incredibly fast and powerful bike that leaves other electric bikes in the dust.

The main reason for this is a state of the art, Japanese made motor that’s much more efficient and lightweight than the Chinese motors found on most electric bikes. It’s also a geared motor for better acceleration and hill-climbing.

Another factor that affects performance are these big 700C wheels that make it easy to go fast and are inherently more stable at high speeds than the smaller 26″ wheels found on most electric bikes.

Of course the battery is very important too, and this is a lightweight, long lasting lithium battery that’s guaranteed by an industry leading three year warranty. The standard battery is 36V and 10Ah, and it can be upgraded to either 36V and 15Ah for extended range or 48V and 10Ah for even greater power.

The last thing I’ll point out about the performance of the CIty Commuter are these top-of-the line Avid BB-7 disk brakes, that will stop on a dime in any weather.

The City Commuter is very easy to use, and now I’ll give a quick walk through on how it all works.

To get started, you push this top button to turn the system on. Push that same but again, and you’ll see the console will light up and the front and rear lights are now on as well. You push this button to scroll through the different information that’s displayed including the trip distance and time and top speed and more. The plus and minus buttons control the electric assistance. When it says zero like it does now, you are in throttle assist mode where you use a simple twist and go throttle. You also have level one through five of pedal assist mode, where the bike will automatically sense how much you’re pedaling and match your effort proportionately. To turn the system off you just push and hold this top button.

The battery can easily be removed from the bike by turning this key and sliding it out. It can be charged on or off the bike.

In summary, I would say that the Pedego City Commuter is hands down the very best all around electric bike you can get- at any price. If I could only ride one bike for the rest of my life, there’s no doubt it would be the City Commuter. And what makes it even better is Pedego has a well deserved reputation for providing unbeatable customer service. It’s their official company policy to do whatever it takes to make sure that every single Pedego customer is 100% satisfied- and that includes you!

Once you decide to buy a Pedego, your best bet is to buy it from Practical Cycle. If you live nearby, you can come in for a free test ride and we have plenty of bikes in stock. Otherwise, you can easily order your Pedego over the phone or online at and it will arrive on your doorstep almost completely assembled with the battery charged and everything. You’ll be riding it in 20 minutes!

If you decide to buy from Practical Cycle, you get the best of both worlds, meaning we’ll give you the best deal you can possible get and the highest level of service. We sell City Commuters at the minimum advertised price, so you won’t find a lower price anywhere, and we’ll also give you a free shipping and a free set of Basil saddlebags that fit the CIty Commuter perfectly. But much more importantly, Practical Cycle was the first ever Pedego Dealer of the Year, and this year we are one of only five quality Pedego dealers in the entire country, so you know for sure that you’re in good hands with Practical Cycle.

I hope this video has been helpful to you, and if you have any further questions, please feel free to call or email us at any time. Thanks for watching!