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Hello, I’m Cassidy with Practical Cycle, and today we’re going over the Juiced Riders ODK electric utility bike. This is a very innovative and useful bike that’s designed specifically to be a car replacement.

So if you’re gonna park your car and ride a bike instead- the first thing you need is the ability to carry lots of cargo, and with a 330 pound payload capacity the ODK delivers the goods- literally!

The extra long and sturdy rear rack has built in rails so you can hang your favorite bags on each side, and use bungee cords or straps to hold down bigger stuff on top. There are also six bars running across the top so you can easily and securely mount a box, basket or child seat. The award-winning Yepp Maxxi fits perfectly on the ODK, and you can carry adult passengers too.

Aside from the cargo capacity, what that really stands out about this bike is this long range 48V 15Ah lithium battery. It has twice the capacity of a standard e-bike battery, and you can easily get 40 miles out of a single charge.

The 48 Volt battery combined with this 500 watt geared motor give the ODK plenty of power to carry heavy loads in any terrain. The motor is in the front wheel, which helps balance the weight and allows the use of an internally geared hub in the back.

Another thing that makes this bike so special are these 20″ wheels that are much stronger than larger wheels- especially with these heavy-duty spokes. They also give you a low center of gravity that helps keep you stable- even with a big load. And what’s really nice is they shorten the wheelbase, so even with this big, long rack, the ODK is the same length as a regular bike.

The ODK is a complete package with all the practical features you need for everyday riding, and that includes fenders and chain guard, a Shimano Nexus internal 3-speed, a powerful front disk brake, E-Bike ready tires with puncture resistant tubes and a nice, long kickstand. An optional double kickstand is also available.

The motor is controlled with a simple twist and go throttle, and this display shows how much battery you have left. Unique to the ODK is this really neat cruise control feature that is activated by pushing this button. To turn it off you just hit the button again, apply the brakes, or twist the throttle.

The last thing I’d like to point out is that the designer of this bike is an olympic high jumper who was ranked #1 in the US for two years and jumped over 7 feet for the American team in Athens. The reason I mention this is that its obvious that he applied the same level of dedication and hard work to perfecting the ODK and creating something very special that really works as a car replacement.

If you can, be sure to stop by for a free test ride, and you can always call or email us with any questions. We’d love to hear from you. Otherwise you can easily order your ODK on PracticalCycle.com, and it will arrive almost completely assembled- the hardest part is getting it out of the box. And just to give you a little extra incentive to buy from Practical Cycle- we’ll even pay the shipping for you! Thanks for watching!!!