Juiced Riders ODK Version 3 Video

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Hello, I’m Cassidy with Practical Cycle, and today we’re going over the new and improved Juiced Riders ODK version 3. This is an incredibly useful electric utility bike that’s designed specifically to be a car replacement.

The number one thing that sets the ODK apart is the best-in-class range it provides. This is a 48V 22Ah lithium battery with 2-3 times the capacity of virtually any other electric bike. There are lots of variables, but you can realistically expect an average range of about 50 miles. And even if you don’t usually ride very far, having lots of extra capacity can really come in handy, and it will extend the useful life of your battery before it needs to be replaced.

Another thing that stands out about the ODK is it’s 330 pound weight limit and ability to carry lots of stuff. The extra long and sturdy rear rack has built in rails so you can hang your favorite bags on each side, and use bungee cords or straps to hold down bigger stuff on top. There are five bars running across the top of the rack so you can securely mount a box, basket or child seat. There are also built-in mounts on the head tube, so you can attach a front basket directly to the frame, and it won’t turn with the handlebars.

The ODK features 20″ wheels that are inherently stronger than larger wheels- especially with these heavy-duty spokes. Smaller wheels create a low center of gravity that helps keep you stable- even with a big load. They also shorten the wheelbase, so despite the extended rear rack, the ODK is the same length as a regular bike.

Top of the line components are carefully selected with your transportation needs in mind. A 500 watt geared motor delivers plenty of power to carry heavy loads in any terrain. The motor is in the front wheel, which helps balance the weight and allows the use of an internally geared hub in the back. An internal 3-speed enables you to change gears anytime- even under load or standing still. It’s also more reliable and requires less maintenance than traditional external gears. Front and rear hydraulic disk brakes provide smooth and powerful braking with a minimal amount of maintenance.

The ODK is a complete package with all the practical features you need for everyday riding, including E-Bike ready tires with puncture resistant tubes, front and rear fenders, a rear light, and a sturdy kickstand with a second mounting plate for an optional double kickstand. It’s also a very comfortable bike that can be adjusted to fit a wide range of people.

The motor is controlled with a simple twist and go throttle, and the display shows how much battery you have left. Unique to the ODK is a handy cruise control feature.

In summary, this a very innovative, well thought out bike that really works as a car replacement. It’s backed up by a two year warranty, and Juiced Riders has consistently gone above and beyond to support us and take care of our customers.

If you live nearby, you’re welcome to come in for a free test ride. Otherwise, you can easily order your ODK over the phone or online at PracticalCycle.com and we’ll ship it right to your doorstep almost completely assembled. As always, if you decide to buy from Practical Cycle, we’ll guarantee you the lowest possible price and the highest level of service. And please feel free to call or e-mail us if you have any questions at all. We’re here to help.