Introducing the Pedego Stretch Electric Cargo Bike!

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Today we’d like to introduce the brand new Pedego Stretch Electric Cargo Bike! This superbike can do it all, from hauling groceries to people to kids with ease and without breaking a sweat.

The Pedego Strecth can carry a hefty 400 lbs of cargo in addition to the rider. The cargo features include a front rack attached to the frame to carry your lighter items. This allows the front wheel to turn independently of the rack so your weight doesn’t shift left or right when turning.

There is a longer rear rack for carrying large cargo or passengers, and the back rest can be repositioned to extend the cargo area.

The side racks can be easily moved and repositioned for side loading or feet support for passengers.

The Pedego Stretch pretty much kicks butt. It has a whole lotta of juice and well, it makes you feel kinda like you have superpowers when you ride it.

Its 500 watt geared motor delivers best in class acceleration and hill climbing.

It’s powered by a lightweight and long lasting 48 volt battery, which comes with an industry leading limited three year warranty.

The twist and go throttle gives you full power on demand while Five levels of pedal assist work in the background and kick in automatically when you start pedaling.

As with all Pedego electric bikes, the Stretch comes with other great features that make it super user-friendly:

It has:

  • Front and rear lights that are powered by the battery.
  • A backlit LCD display with a built in USB charger for your phone.
  • Top of the line disc brakes for powerful and reliable braking
  • A double kickstand for easy loading and unloading
  • And protective wheelskirts that keep fingers and toes out of harm’s way.

Additionally, this bike is really comfortable and easy to ride because it has:

  • A wide, comfy seat with a suspension seat post
  • An adjustable handlebar stem
  • Nice cushioned grips
  • And balloon tires with self-sealing tubes that help prevent flats

Also, its smaller 24” wheels allow for a lower center of gravity and increased stability for the rider.

The Pedego Strecth Electric Cargo Bike comes in three different colors: Red, Black, and Olive Green.

So I hope you can see why we’re so smitten with this amazing bike. We truly believe Pedego makes the best electric bikes in the world!

If you live nearby, come on in and try one of these bikes for free on us. Otherwise, check out our website at And if you buy from us, we’ll even ship the bike right to your doorstep!

If you have any questions, call us at 1-877-448-1110. We would love to talk to you!

Thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next time!