How to Choose Handlebars for your Brompton Folding Bike

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Hi! I’m Tim with Practical Cycle in Sacramento. Today we’ll show you how to choose the best handlebar for your Brompton folding bike.

First style is the S Type handlebar. This is more sporty for faster, aggressive riders. It’s also great for petite people.

The next handlebar is the M Type. This is the most common and fits most riders. Keeps the pressure off your wrist and gives you a more upright position, but you can still go pretty fast.

The next type is the H Type handlebar. It’s taller with a longer, extended neck. This is for even more upright riding. It’s easy on the wrists and hands. It’s good for enjoying the scenery as you ride along and it’s great for taller riders.

The final option is the P Style handlebar. It gives you the upright ride so you can sit up and it gives you down low option so you can go faster and be more aggressive. The third option is using the side grips on this handlebar. With all these various positions, this is a great handlebar for touring.

So that’s the 4 handlebar choices to get you started. To learn more about these amazing bikes, try our Brompton Builder to customize your very own custom Brompton.

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