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What's in it for you???

Product Support

Practical Cycle stands behind every single bike that we sell. Your purchase includes free assembly, one free tune-up, free lifetime adjustments, and free warranty service as needed.

Routine maintenance and non-warranty repairs will be performed by us at an affordable rate.

When you buy a bike from Practical Cycle, you won't ever have to get your hands dirty. If there's a problem with your bike, we'll fix it!

Customer Service

Practical Cycle's customer service policy in a nutshell is the golden rule.

As a small, family owned business we can give you the level of service that we would like to receive ourselves.

In other words, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your bike and overall experience with Practical Cycle.

Low Price

With Practical Cycle you get to have your cake and eat it too! We offer you the best possible experience and the lowest price- guaranteed.

If you find a lower price advertised on anything we sell, please tell us about it. We'll gladly match any reasonable and legitimate offering!

You can also sign up for our newsletter for exclusive special offers each month.

Test Ride

Buying a new bike shouldn't be like going on a blind date. Try it before you buy it!

There is no substitute for a long test ride on the actual bike you are buying. It is the only way to know for sure that it will meet your expectations and fit you properly.

Practical Cycle is right next to a car-free state park and dedicated bike trail that are both perfect for test rides.

Shopping Experience

Practical Cycle is a safe place where everyone is welcome. You don't have to be an athlete or cycling expert to feel comfortable shopping here. Many of our customers haven't been on a bike in years. We don't judge. Come as you are!

You will find us to be very helpful and attentive without being pushy. We will never pressure you to buy something you don't need or want. This is not a sales contest! It's fun and easy to buy a bike from Practical Cycle.

Expert Advice

Most Practical Cycle customers aren't bike experts. They just know how to ride them! We don't expect you to know all the boring details about all the latest bikes and gear- that's our job.

We make it our business to know what works for everyday people in the real world. In fact, we personally use many of the products we sell.

Using our extensive knowledge and practical experience, we can provide useful advice and suggestions that will help you make the right decisions.

Instant Gratification

In most cases, we will have the bike you want in stock and ready to take home right away. That means no waiting, no extra shipping fees, and no unexpected damage in transit.

Practical Cycle is also a "one stop shop," with everything you will need to go with your new bike all under one roof.

We can even provide local delivery of a fully assembled bicycle or tricycle!

Special Financing

Practical Cycle offers special financing that will make even the best deal even sweeter for you.

You can get six or sometimes even twelve months deferred interest. As long as you pay off your balance in time you will pay absolutely no interest.

Applying is quick and easy, and you can be approved in seconds.


  • Uptown

    Breezer Uptown

    Award Winning Commuter Bike

    Bicycling Magazine's "Commuter Bike of the Year" four times in a row!

    Shop Online
    Breezer Uptown
  • Downtown

    Breezer Downtown

    Classic Commuter Bike

    Simple and practical commuter bike for any occasion.

    Shop Online
    Breezer Downtown
  • Greenway

    Breezer Greenway

    Fast Commuter Bike

    Get there on time no matter what!

    Shop Online
    Breezer Greenway
  • Beltway

    Breezer Beltway

    The Ultimate Commuter Bike

    It just doesn't get any better than this!

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    Breezer Beltway
  • Breezer Uptown Uptown
  • Breezer Downtown Downtown
  • Breezer Greenway Greenway
  • Breezer Beltway Beltway

Why Breezer Bikes?

The Very Best

Breezers are the very best commuter bikes on earth because they are the most balanced. They are fully equipped and lightweight- fast and comfortable- high quality and affordable.

Fully Equipped

Every Breezer comes fully equipped with everything you need for everyday riding. No other American brand has such a complete offering for serious bike commuters.


Breezers weigh significantly less than European-style city bikes that have comparable features. This makes them much more manageable and easier to pedal from a stop.


With frame geometry by the legendary Joe Breeze, Breezers give you an efficient riding position that makes it easy to go really fast.


Breezers are designed to be ergonomically correct- hitting the sweet spot between a beach cruiser and a road bike. It's just right!

High Quality

Breezers are made from the ground up with top-of-the-line name brand components. This is the kind of quality that lasts- day-in and day-out for many years.


Starting at only $429, there's a Breezer to fit any budget, and dollar for dollar there's no better value.

Why Practical Cycle?

  • Practical Cycle offers you the lowest possible price and the highest level of service.
  • We maintain a wide selection of the latest and greatest, fully equipped commuter bicycles in stock.
  • We're bike commuters too, so we understand your everyday needs. We totally get it!
  • We also stock all the accessories you need to travel by bike all year-round in comfort and style.
  • CalSTRS, CalPERS, and the CA Dept. of Public Health all use Breezer Bikes from Practical Cycle for their employee bike share programs.
more reasons to choose Practical Cycle.

The first step is to visit Practical Cycle to explore your options and take a free test ride. We are conveniently located in Old Sacramento near the American River Parkway bike trail.

In the meantime, you can shop online to learn all about Breezer Bikes and check out our customer stories for inspiration.

A Better Way to Travel

Sac Cycle Chic

Photo Credit: Sac Cycle Chic on a Worksman Commuter Bike

High gas prices. Expensive car payments. Traffic delays. Road rage. Expanding waistlines. There are many great reasons to consider traveling to work by bicycle. It's an effective, healthy, inexpensive, and fun alternative that is attracting more and more commuters all over the world. And the more you know, the more enjoyable bike commuting becomes.

Most of the people I know travel by means other than the bicycle. For the most part, they're still internal combusters. Automobile drivers. It's the norm, isn't it? In a society like ours--where more money is spent advertising automobiles than is spent on the entire national mass transit system, where everyone's background assumption equates travel with driving--it isn't easy to make the shift to bicycle commuting. I can attest to that. As detailed in this essay, I made many mistakes. I did it all wrong.

These articles aren't intended as the comprehensive guide to commuting by bicycle. It's not a "program" intended to work for everyone, in every situation. It merely relates the hard lessons learned by one cyclist over many years of riding to work everyday. My hope is that prospective bike commuters will avoid my errors. If nothing else, my experience demonstrates that it can be done. The addiction to driving can be broken, the necessity of mass transit strap-hanging can be avoided. The following might, just might, encourage others to discover how bicycle commuting can enhance their lives.

"The automobile has not merely taken over the street, it has dissolved the living tissue of the city. Its appetite for space is absolutely insatiable; moving and parked, it devours urban land, leaving the buildings as mere islands of habitable space in a sea of dangerous and ugly traffic."
-James Marston Fitch, New York Times, May 1, 1960

Written by Paul DornPaul Dorn

Paul Dorn is a writer and activist in Northern California, presently residing in Sacramento. He is the co-author (with Roni Sarig) of The Bike to Work Guide: What You Need to Know to Save Gas, Go Green, Get Fit, published in 2008 by Adams Media. He is the former editor of the Tube Times, newsletter of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC), and served on the SFBC board of directors. He is the former executive director of the California Bicycle Coalition. Dorn is certified by the League of American Bicyclists as a League Cycling Instructor (#1237).

Breezer Commuter Bikes

Why Brompton Folding Bikes?


Carrying Folded Brompton
Brompton folding bikes give you the freedom & independence to choose where to go, when, and how. They fold to suitcase size and are light enough to take virtually anywhere with you.

Most Compact

The Folded Brompton on Subway
The Brompton folds in under 20 seconds to the most compact and portable of all folding bikes (folded dimensions: 23” x 21.5" x 10.6”) and weighs less 20-28 lbs, depending on the model.


Folded Brompton Kickstand
The Brompton is suitable for a wide range of people and their various lifestyles. Since it folds easily and elegantly, it can stand upright by itself or be parked by folding the rear wheel under; no kickstand required. Take it anywhere: onto planes, trains, and busses, under the table at restaurants, into cars, into your office or under your cubicle and into your home. You can personalize your Brompton with different colors, speeds, handlebars, and accessories. And with all the different bag options, this bike can carry a hefty load for the discerning city commuter!


Riding Brompton Long-Distance
Don’t be fooled by the Brompton’s small wheels! These durable, strong and lightweight wheels have superior acceleration and stay fast due to less wind resistance. They’re also surprisingly fast and easy to go uphill with. They’re also great for long distances as many loyal Brompton owners use these for touring.


The Brompton Quality
The Brompton Folding Bike has been refined over 30 years but remains the most compact, portable folding bike. Each steel frame is hand-assembled and hand-brazed (a special, higher quality metal-joining process) by some of the most highly-skilled brazers in the world in Brompton’s West London factory. Each assembled bike is extensively tested for accuracy, durability, and carefully inspected before being hand-packed and dispatched from the factory. Bromptons are built to last so customers can ride, park, fold and unfold their Brompton day in and day out for many years.

Why a folding bike?

The Brompton Folding Bike
The Brompton’s ability to be taken anywhere with you reduces the risk of theft and adds convenience to all of your trips. Worry less about parking, car traffic, bike thieves, small living and working spaces, riding public transportation, and many of the other limitations of traditional transport.

Which Brompton is right for you?

The first 2 steps in configuring your Brompton are:

  • Choose the handlebar type
  • Choose the number of gears

Choose your handlebar

S-Type- Sport Position

Brompton Handlebar S-Type

Perfect for you if:

  • You like riding fast
  • You're smaller and want a shorter bike

M-Type- Medium-Upright, Relaxed Position or the 'Classic' Brompton Handlebar

Brompton Handlebar M-Type

Perfect for you if:

  • You want to ride at a good speed
  • You want a good all-around position

H-Type- High-Upright

Brompton Handlebar H-Type

Perfect for you if:

  • You want to ride in an upright style
  • You want to enjoy the scenery as you ride
  • You're taller and you want to ride relaxed
  • You want as little pressure on your forearms and wrists as possible

P-Type- Multiple Positions for Different Riding Styles

Brompton Handlebar P-Type

Perfect for you if:

  • You want a versatile handlebar for different riding situations
  • You want to go touring

Choose your gears


  • For riders who believe 'one speed's all you need' or don't have any hills to think about
  • A basic, light and simple option


  • Good for flat terrain and city riding, with an important back-up lower gear for ocassional hills
  • A light option to keep it simple


  • A good multi-gear set up for a variety of flat and ocassional hilly riding


  • The full range of gears for all riding needs, especially hilly areas

Check out what we have in stock in our Online Store or use the Brompton Builder to customize your very own Brompton!

Why Practical Cycle?

  • Practical Cycle will match any reasonable and legitimate offer and we provide the highest level of service.
  • We always maintain a large selection of the most popular Brompton folding bike models in stock.
  • We're the largest Brompton retailer in the greater Sacramento region, and we have tons of practical experience.
  • We are known for our exceptional customer service because we take better care of our customers than anyone on earth!
More reasons to choose Practical Cycle.

The first step is to visit Practical Cycle for a free test ride. We are conveniently located in Old Sacramento near the American River Parkway bike trail.

You can also rent a Brompton bike for the entire day, and if you buy one upon returning we will credit the cost towards your purchase. This is the best way to “try it before you buy it”.

Ready to go shopping? Visit our Online Store to see what we have in stock or use the Brompton Builder to customize your very own Brompton.

You can easily reserve rental bikes using our online booking system. A reservation is not required, but it is suggested for the best possible experience. It's the only way to be 100% positive that we will have the bike(s) you want when you arrive.

Make a Reservation

Explore Sacramento at your own pace on a self-guided bike tour. There are lots of interesting things to do and places to see within riding distance of Practical Cycle. Here your will find trip information, maps, and bicycling directions.

Estimated Prices

Please come in for a free estimate. The following are estimated prices for common services.
Basic Tune Up - $30 plus parts Complete Tune Up - $60 plus parts
Repairs - $60 per hour plus parts Replace Brake Pads $10-$20 per wheel
Replace Disc Brake Pads $15-$30 wheel Replace Brake Cable $15-$30 per cable
Replace Tire or Tube $15-$30 per wheel True Wheel $15-$30 per wheel
Spoke $15-$30 1st spoke, $5 ea addl. Install Tire Liners $15-$30 wheel
Adjust Derailleur $15-$30 each Replace Derailleur $30-$60 each
Replace Gear Cable $15-$30 per cable Replace Chain $30-$60 most chains
Replace Crankset $30-$60 three piece Replace BB Bearing $30-$60 most BB's
Replace Cassette or Freewheel $30-$60 Install Basket $15-$30 most bikes
Install Rear Rack $30-$60 many bikes Install Fenders $30-$90 most bikes

I this section of we try to answer some of the most common questions that come up regarding the technical aspects of electric bikes, cargo bikes, adult tricycles and city bikes.

Practical Cycle is different than most bike shops- it's more of a transportation company. We believe that bikes are a viable transportation option that is more fun, healthy, affordable, and green than automobiles.

Our mission is to make cycling more Practical for everyday people.

Our motto is "No Spandex? No Funny Shoes? No Problem!"

We don't mean to offend anyone by this, and of course spandex-clad, hardcore bike racers are still welcome in our store. The point is that you don't need to be an athlete to shop here, and that bikes are so much more than just toys for fitness and recreation.