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When we traveled to Huntington Beach recently we stepped into the Pedego store and instantly loved their electric bikes. We are planning on going on a 20-day road trip in our RV and would love to have those bikes come along with us. We have planned on towing them and after our test ride we knew we had to have them! Luckily for us, Tim decided to ride with us and totally got us hooked. When we got back to the shop we decided to get the Pedego Interceptor III Classic in black and the Pedego Interceptor III Step Through also in black. We also fitted our new rides with the CruzenTunes Speaker Phone Kit, Abus U Lock, Pedego Saddlebags, an Extended Range Battery and the Pedego Handlebar Bag. We love them and cannot wait to put them on our RV and go on this awesome adventure, thanks Practical Cycle and Tim for helping us on our new travels!