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The Sac Cycle Chic, Lorena Beightler, invited me to lunch with her today at the Hot Italian, and the only thing better than the pizza was the company!  Joining us were John Boyer of Edible Pedal and the lovely Juniper James blogger, Kari Shipman.

Afterwards, Lorena and Kari came to Practical Cycle to find a bike to use in the Vélo & Vintage Fashion show at the Hot Italian on May 8th.  This cycle-chic inspired show will feature local models riding cool bikes and wearing eco-friendly, vintage clothing.

“I’m passionate about building community, shopping locally, and helping to promote our local economy.”
-Lorenalorena and kari

“I am thrilled to be a part of this fashion show because it is about more than just the clothes and the bikes. It’s about bringing together two often separate communities here in Midtown and celebrating them for the contribution they bring to our city.”