Pedego Trail Tracker Video

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Hello, I’m Cassidy with Practical Cycle, and today we’re looking at the Pedego Trail Tracker– the monster truck of electric bikes. This bike is incredibly fun to ride, and above all it’s designed to be simple and tough enough to handle any off-road adventure.

The number one thing that makes the Trail Tracker so special are these big fat tires that are great for sand, snow, or virtually any terrain. These are 100mm rims with 4″ wide tires that can be inflated to as little as 10 PSI. This gives you a nice soft ride that feels like a magic carpet on even the most rugged paths.

The electrical system on this bike is one of the most powerful that you can legally have. It features a high torque 600 watt geared motor and a lightweight 48 volt 10 amp hour lithium battery. The motor is controlled with a simple twist and go throttle and the battery can easily be removed from the bike.

The Trail Tracker has a simple and reliable single speed freewheel, so you don’t have to worry about breaking a derailleur or clogging up a gear cluster with debris. It also has a rust proof chain.

The Trail Tracker also sports top of the line Avid BB7 disk brakes that can stop on a dime in any kind of weather. They can also be quickly and easily adjusted without tools.

The frame of the bike is aluminum, so it’s relatively lightweight, but for added safety the front fork is made of steel.

The Trail Tracker is a pretty comfortable bike. Although it has the flat handlebars for greater control, it still has the leather stitched handgrips as well as a big soft seat with a suspension seat post.

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