Pedego Dealer of the Year

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Pedego Electric Bikes was created to be the BEST electric bike company in the world- not the biggest. So Practical Cycle is especially honored to be the 2011 Pedego Dealer of the Year. We were told that we are not the biggest, but we are the BEST Pedego Electric Bike dealer! This was a unanimous decision at Pedego because they feel we support the brand better than anyone else- anywhere.

In a nutshell, what makes Pedego the BEST electric bike company in the world is they deliver the goods. Pedego customers don’t just like their electric bikes, they LOVE them. Pedego even uses an independent, third-party rating system where you will find one five-star review after another by real Pedego customers. If we say Pedego is the BEST its just bragging, but if our customers say it- its proof!

Specifically, here are the things that people love the most about Pedego Electric Bikes:


Let’s start with the seat. The number one complaint people have about bikes in general is they make their bottom hurt. Not so with Pedegos- every one comes with big, comfortable seat for your tender parts. Next, lets talk about bumps in the road. Nothing will ruin a nice ride more than getting your teeth rattled by a big bump in the road or pothole. Pedegos come with fat balloon tires to smooth out even the roughest road. And finally lets look at riding posture. When I see people painfully hunched over their bikes it makes my back hurt just looking at it. Pedegos have tall, wide handlebars and pedal forward geometry that creates a comfortable, upright riding posture.


This is obvious, Pedegos are HOT, and other electric bikes are NOT! A California-style beach cruiser is the epitome of hip, slick, and cool. Pedegos remind people of the old Schwinns we rode as kids. Plus they come in over 100 different eye-catching color combinations!


Pedegos are built form the ground up to be electric bikes with only the highest quality components- no shortcuts here. This is a “no excuse bike!” Pedego’s philosophy is that a bike is only as good as its worst part, so they refuse to compromise- even on the little things. From the kickstand to the handlebar grips, you will find top-of-the-line components on every Pedego. Want proof that Pedego can stand up to real-world riding conditions? We rent them out to the general public, and after a full year of people using and abusing them on a daily basis we can still sell them used for well over half of the price of a new one.


This is where Pedego really stands out. In a world of broken promises, Pedego ALWAYS does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. Beyond just fulfilling their obligations, it is their goal to exceed expectations, and they do! As a dealer, our experience is that whenever there is a problem they fix it immediately with no questions asked. We also really appreciate the fact that they keep us fully stocked with all the repair parts we need to provide the level of service that Pedego customers deserve. “Whatever it takes to make the customer happy” is their motto and ours.