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Practical Cycle started out with a broken down Worksman tricycle.  This poor thing was all beat up, two wheels were missing, and it had survived a fire!

It seemed hopeless, but my dad paid $5 for that old trike and fixed it up real nice.  Then he slapped a sticker on it that said, “ONE LESS SUV,” and started using it to haul all sorts of stuff.  Groceries, garden supplies, building materials…  You name it!

He turned a lot of heads too!  Everywhere he went people fell in love with his tricycle.  Complete strangers were constantly asking where they could find one of their own.

Sadly, there was nowhere to send them.  Traditional bike shops tend to focus on high-speed racers, and the corporate mega-stores offer mainly low price, poor quality bikes.  Meanwhile, most of us just want to get around town in comfort and style.

Last year, my dad received proton beam therapy for prostate cancer.  His membership in the Brotherhood of the Balloon (don’t ask!) inspired him to use the gift of life he had been given to make a difference in the world.

That’s when Practical Cycle was born.  Our mission is to make cycling more practical for everyday people.

No spandex… No funny shoes… No problem!!!