When life gives you lemons…

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lemonsIn 2006, my dad was doored while riding his bike on 15th Street.  He broke his shoulder pretty bad, and ended up with all sorts of plates and screws holding him together.  Life gave us lemons!!!  We made lemonade though, and Practical Cycle was funded in part by the settlement from that accident.

So I took great pleasure in hand-squeezing 35 locally grown, organic lemons to make lemonade for our Grand Opening celebration, the first annual Ride for Earth.  Then I loaded a cooler on the back of our old Worksman tricycle and hauled it about ten miles to Practical Cycle.

I believe that sometimes life’s most difficult challenges can help us grow the most.  Whenever I feel like things couldn’t possibly get worse, I tell myself that this too shall pass, and perhaps even the darkest clouds do have a silver lining.