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Hi there, I’m Cassidy with Practical Cycle and I have something very special to show you today. This is the brand new Ford Super Cruiser from Pedego, and I think it’s the coolest electric bike ever made.

The first thing we’ll look at is this award-winning frame, which is really a work of art by the legendary frame builder Tony Ellsworth.

These sleek and sexy curves speak for themselves, and you’ll also notice how clean everything is with all the wires and cables neatly tucked into the frame and the electronics hidden down by the the crank.

But what really sets the City Commuter apart is it’s unmatched performance. It’s an incredibly fast and powerful bike that leaves other electric bikes in the dust.

Unique to this frame is a rear fender that’s almost an inch thick and is actually part of the frame, serving as both a de facto seat tube and rack for the battery. The whole thing’s totally reinforced, and it’s a lot more sturdy than it looks at first.

But the beauty of this frame is more than skin deep. It doesn’t just look cool, it’s also incredibly comfortable. Riding the Super Cruiser is like being one with the bike- it just feels right.

The pedals are positioned well in front of the saddle, which encourages you to sit up straight, relax, and enjoy the ride. It also allows you to put your feet flat on the ground when you stop, and still have full leg extension while pedaling.

The chopper style handlebars are fully adjustable, so you can dial them in just right for you.

The extra wide rims with heavy duty spokes and kevlar belted balloon tires give you a nice, smooth ride.

As much as the comfort and style of the Supper Cruiser stand out, it’s the performance that really sets it apart.

It sports a state-of the art 600 watt geared motor that will absolutely blow you away. The acceleration and hill climbing it delivers are truly remarkable, and the sensation of power is exhilarating.

The motor is powered by a 48V 10Ah lithium battery with an industry leading three year warranty. Of course there’s lots of variables, but the average range you can expect is about 20 miles.

And finally, top-of-the line Avid BB7 disc brakes in the front and rear provide smooth, powerful and reliable braking in any weather.

The Super Cruiser is incredibly simple and easy to use. You just push this red button to turn it on and the lights you see show how much battery you have left. The motor is controlled with a twist and go throttle.

You can help out as much or as little as you want and there are seven gears for your pedaling that are controlled with this twist shifter.

The battery is locked in place and it easily slides of the rack. It can recharged on or off the rack.

In summary, I think of this Super Cruiser as the Fonzarelli of electric bikes. It’s just so cool! And while its not for everyone, if this bike does speak to your personality, you may find it nearly impossible to settle for anything less.

The Ford Super Cruiser is actually made by Pedego, and you may have already heard about their reputation for unbeatable service. It’s their official company policy to do whatever it takes to make sure that every single Pedego customer is not just satisfied, but delighted with their bike and overall experience.

If decide to buy your Super Cruiser from Practical Cycle we’ll guarantee you the lowest possible price and the highest level of service. We sell all Pedegos at the minimum advertised price, so you shouldn’t be able to find anything lower, and even if you do, we’ll gladly match it. We’ll also give you free shipping and a free lock to protect your investment. But more importantly Practical Cycle is the Pedego Dealer of the Year again this year because we sell more Pedegos and take better care of our customers than anyone else in the entire world, so you know for sure that you’re in good hands with Practical Cycle.

I hope this video has been helpful to you, if you have any questions at all please feel free to call or e-mail us. We’d love to hear from you. If you live nearby, you’re welcome to come in for a free test ride and we always have plenty of bikes in stock. Otherwise, you can easily order your bike over the phone or at, and we’ll ship it to your doorstep almost completely assembled. You’ll be out riding in no time.