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Brompton Duo

David and his colleague are missionaries traveling city to city. As they arrive in a new town, they find it difficult to get around. After renting our Bromptons for a couple of hours, they fell in love. The bikes were easily transportable and lightweight enough for their on-the-road lifestyle. Before they left the shop, they snagged two six speeds.

Brompton On The Road

Doug came in during our Brompton pop-up week and took advantage of the Brompton staff that were present. He learned everything about the handle bars, gears, and "the fold." By the end of the event he went home with a sleek racing green, 6 speed Brompton that he topped with a bright yellow mini Ortlieb bag.

A Brompton Story

During our 2-day Brompton pop-up event we met, Cailin. Actually, Cailin came in a day before the event to inquire about Brompton bikes. We showed her everything we had in stock and she even went on a test ride. We told her if she came back the next day she could borrow the bike for a day, but she was already sold. She went for a 6 speed Brompton with a nice ivory paint job. She even threw in a white Brompton Ortlieb back to match!

Brompton For Two

Gary has had his eye on a Brompton for quiet some time now. He has been wanting one so bad that instead of building his own with our Brompton Builder, he found one that suited him in our New Jersey warehouse. A few days later he sent us a picture of the one they built up for his wife. She may have to wait a bit longer to recieve her bike from London, but these two will be the most stylish riders on the street.

Brompton Duo

Mr and Mrs. Poor are good friends of Practical Cycle. So when Monty wanted to order his Brompton he knew he could count on us to help him out. Today he came in to pick up his Brompton, but his wife decided she needed one too. Before we knew it they were ready to head out on their new Bromptons sporting their Practical Cycle apparel.

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