The Brompton Folding Bike arrives in Sacramento!

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We’re excited to now carry the Brompton Folding Bike to add to our fleet of transportation solutions for our customers in Sacramento and the northern California region. This is the best folding bike on the market because it folds down to the smallest size, has the highest quality, and the most features and options so you can customize it specifically to YOU.

Our mission is to make cycling more practical for everyday people. This bike really helps us accomplish that mission. It folds up so small that you can fit it into small spaces: carry it on the train, on the bus, into work, and fit it into a small living space. It makes it very convenient for public transportation because sometimes it’s a couples miles to get to the public transportation stop each way.

We also show you how to fold the Brompton.

We’re really excited to be expanding our offering to other products and also social support. We’re going to put on workshops, study groups, and help people solve problems with their bikes and learn how to maintain and fix their bikes as well.

If you’re local to the Sacramento region, we’d love for you to come out and try one of these bikes. We offer free test rides, plus you can rent the bike by the hour or by the day. Maybe even take it out overnight to the city, have some fun and really try it before you buy it.

Otherwise, visit us online and check out all the features that are available for this bike. There’s even a Brompton Building Tool so you can customize the bike: choose your handlebars, choose your colors, and choose all the features you want custom to you.

If you need help, feel free to call us at 877-448-1110 to help you figure out which bike works best for you!

Thanks so much for watching!